Friday, September 23, 2011

GATE 2012 Exam Preparation Tips

So you have pursued your Bachelors in Engineering. Now it is time to decide what you want to do in life. This is a very crucial decision as it will have an impact on your career. Most engineering graduates go for either management or M.Tech. In order to get admission in M.Tech the examination that holds significant importance on national as well as international level is GATE 2012.
So are you seeking admission in post-graduation programmes in reputed engineering colleges and institutes in India? If yes, then you need to burn the midnight oil and prepare for GATE 2012. The main purpose of GATE exam is to identify the quality of students and assess their potential to continue higher education in engineering field. By conducting GATE, it becomes easy to assess the students on the required skill scale and consistency to pursue higher studies in the field of engineering.
With the cut-throat competition, even those who get more than 85% in the GATE examination lag behind in getting admissions into the premier institutions such as IITs and NITs. The questions of GATE are usually the derivation of fundamentals and preparation of GATE is an continuing process and is supposed to take place in varied stages. Prepare your best with the fundamentals and then test yourself those fundamentals.
Many students either prepare on their own at home or join some coaching institute.
Tips and tricks to prepare for GATE 2012
1) Always follow standard books, recommended books to prepare for GATE. Try to cover complete syllabus. If not possible be perfect in whatever portion of syllabus you practice.
2) Prepare notes after finishing every chapter. This will help you during your last days of revision.
3) Practice as many model test papers as possible.
4) While studying a chapter, do ask yourself following questions "What", "How", and "Why" and see improvement.
5) Analyze your score in model test papers and compare your performance periodically to see how you improve.
6) In case of doubts ask some expert or use forums to discuss questions prepared by experts.
7) Consult your professors and seniors in case of any doubts.
8) Join a coaching institute if you feel the need.
9) Keep yourself updated about the recent developments in GATE by either logging on to their official site or some helpline or helpful blogs. Check the latest syllabus and paper pattern before you start preparing.
10) Revise ( Very Important , as when u see the paper in examination hall , your answering will totally depend how good you revised you topics).


  1. it is helpful stuff.. Thank you

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